Conquest origins

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This comic book has been a long tome coming.
Originally titled something else (not going to say, way to dumb) it started in Las Vegas with a kid (me, Steve Stone) drawing out characters for my brothers and I to play as when we went swimming, basically it was me body slamming them in the water and acting like we were saving the world. We each had our favorite characters (some of which they started making up) and then in about 1991 I started to draw out some random stories using the characters we created. (Very horrible stuff) It started to inspire my brothers to draw better (we all draw)

My younger brother James (Artist & Co Creator of Conquest) really started getting into comic book styled art and I noticed a progression, improvement was continually happening. So I wrote out a story, one page, just to start him drawing with a purpose and give him some direction, this was 2005. I had just moved to Orlando and then come back to Vegas on vacation to visit with my cousin Scott (Co Creator). Scott and I would go over the Characters and story line, and he would tell me what was stupid, or how something could be tweaked to be better, and we started bouncing Ideas off each other to create a better story. After many rewrites and redraws of the book we shoot to 2011. A final completed inks/words cover and all.

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What is Evil?

In the beginning of what we now perceive as time, there was darkness and light. The two can not exist in the same place. Wherever Light is, darkness can not exist. I point this out, because we sometimes compare the Light and Dark with Good and Evil. But this is not a good example of reality because good and evil exist simultaneously. Darkness can not be created, it just is. Darkness is not the opposite of Light it is the absence of Light. Good and Evil aren’t different from each other, evil is not the absence of good, or the opposite. Evil is the same as good. Both are choices and both lead to death. Good and Evil are both the Enemies of Perfect.

Only Perfection can determine what is needed for a perfect Life. Man decides what is Good or Evil, but each man has there own idea of what perfection is. But in reality there is only one perfection, one correct choice to get you to true Life. Many people will live lives filled with good or evil, but few will experience perfection in life. This is what calls to all beings, but that which eludes most. It’s the hunger that isn’t quenchable by anything other than that perfection. Everyone wants it, but not everyone is willing to do what must be done to have.

So, what is Evil? Evil is good, and good is evil. We Strive for perfection, and settle for good, and good will never be perfect.

(This is the inner workings of a genius, or a madman … you decide.)
Copyright 2009 Steve Stone

Immortal Samurai

The Beginning of Immortal Samurai production. Our goal is to create a fascinating and gripping story, with art that will keep you wowed.
We will be taking you through the lives of many individuals, where they came from, where they are going and how they interact with each other and the universe in which they exist. You will get a look into the minds of the characters to see how they think and understand why they have chosen these paths. Keep checking back for more insight into the book and it’s characters.