Immortal Samurai T shirt

Immortal Samurai T shirt

Limited Edition T shirt by Immortal Samurai Comics. Only $15


Chain Reaction

The Superhero one shot

Now available through digital download on GRAPHICLY

Chain Reaction is a Superhero tale that deals with the two most powerful being on the planet, and they happen to be related. A deep seeded anger drives this explosive book written by Josh Southall with Art by the amazing James Stone and Colors by Vince Pizarro. Editor/graphic designer Steve Stone are proud to present this one shot book.

Brought to you by Immortal Samurai Comics

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Conquest #1

Conquest #1 available now on digital download through GRAPHICLY

A special thanks to James Stone the Artist of Conquest and Vince Pizarro the Colorist of the cover.
Written by Steven Stone. Artistic Director Scott Rottinghaus. Conquest is an on going series of Science Fiction adventure and drama. In another Galaxy where the Divergence has taken over large sections of the Galaxy and forced his will upon the people, we of course find those few who are brave enough to stand up to this force. Watch as a handful of people, human and alien alike find themselves in a battle for the life and freedom of a galaxy.

brought to you by Immortal Samurai Comics